Become A Model


Please read the following before you apply:

  • To apply you must be over the age of 18, or parental consent is required.
  • DO NOT wear make-up, sunglasses or hats etc. Keep your hair natural.
  • Photos need to be in COLOUR with NO filters or re-touching.
  • You can use your phone, professional pictures are NOT necessary.
  • We want NATURAL photos where we can see your bone structure.

Submit 3 photos submitted alongside your application:

Keep your face relaxed, do not smile or pout.

we need to see your jaw line and hair needs to be kept away from the face.

Avoid wearing baggy clothes, stand up straight with your shoulders back.

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Become A Model

General Warning to New Models

We continue to provide safety advice for all new and aspiring models. Our professionalism and authenticity, which we believe are key, makes it our priority to inform of continued unscrupulous individuals targeting new models and people using social media and direct approach tactics falsely using RHED Management and other agencies.

Be aware there are individuals, fake photographers and scouts using the internet claiming to be affiliated or members of RHED. Should you be contacted by anyone claiming to be any of the above, you should first contact us immediately so we can verify their identity by using RHED never requests nude or lingerie photos and we never require any money from applicants.

If you are under age and at any time someone claiming to be a booker, scout or manager of ANY model agency contacts you, inform your parents or a responsible adult.